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Wafer Dicing

Our wafer dicing service utilizes a Disco DFD 651 Automatic Dicing Saw. The dual spindle with revolutions up to 60,000 RPM allow for quick dicing reducing the time it takes to dice a wafer and ultimately cost. This machine can handle substrates up to 25 x 8″ rounds at a time.
  •    Number of streets — Both X and Y
  •    Street size — Our standard blades for silicon cut approximately 60 um including chipping
  •    Chipping spec — Chipping depends on coating surface, cutting parameters and blade type
  •    Size of substrate — Diameter and thickness
  •    Substrate Material
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Advanced International Technology specializes in precision wafer dicing services with high fidelity and rapid turnaround time.

AI Technology serves clients throughout San Diego, Chula Vista, National City, Mission Valley, Miramar, Mira Mesa, San Jose & San Francisco, CA and surrounding cities.

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