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We invite you to contact the dicing and assembly experts with Advanced International Technology today for more information about how our services can add value to your operations.                             Call us at +1 858-566-2945 today or submit an inquiry via the web form below. We are represented by:

Pacific Rim Engineering –

Pacific Rim Engineering Contacts:
Central USA: Ray Petit, (949) 285-6383,
CA/West Coast: Rick Sigliano, 858-449-2792,
Texas: Jim Pinac, 972-839-1213,
NY/NJ: Tom Terlizzi, 631-269-3820,
MA/CT/NH/VT: Jay Brewster, 603-488-1333,
Southeast MD/NC/SC/GA/FL: George Howell, 301-758-0870,

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